I have a significant background in teaching at the secondary school level and I use these experiences to present a seamless, genuine world of conflict for teenagers as a backdrop to the story, while adding the infiltration of creatures from another dimension. Teaching at this level has given me the unique opportunity to create believable characters who think and respond to conflicts like a teen, as well as, an opportunity to include what appeals to them: powers, magic and a hint of dark conflict. The novels represent a complete story that has been appreciated by many of my students who enjoyed the love triangles, believable characters, compelling hooks and twists, cliffhangers and identifiable emotional inner/outer conflicts. My intention to write for young people has been essential for writing YA fiction and I find it both as fulfilling and rewarding as it is to teach them. Students identify with and are drawn to my characters and enjoy experiencing Michael’s quirky humour, Avery’s magnetism and Greyson’s cool, laid-back style. I have been told by my readers that they have become absorbed while escaping into the story and have complained about losing track of time. That’s what every writer wants to hear: ‘I couldn’t put it down’

The Pria Chronicles