One last day to get Paranormal Painless for free. I extended the free promo to the full five days allotted so there will not be another chance to get this free.  I’ve had so many downloads that it’s quite humbling. Quite the number of emails too,  explaining the love readers have felt. So many have […]


Since Amazon corrected the strange interior error with Paranormal Painless already (took only 6 hours) and has sent an email to each person who had downloaded the book, I’m extending the free promotion one more day. If you missed the first chance for a free ebook, go ahead and download today.   For […]

Paranormal Painless is FREE

This Wednesday, May 31st, Paranormal Painless is free for the first time. If you’ve been on the fence about downloading, this is your chance to read a paranormal thriller that has no blood and gore, no gruesome details and nothing that will traumatize you.  I have even been told that the ghosts in the story […]

Did you miss out?

Did you miss out on my freebie books last week?  I have two more days coming right at ya!  This Tuesday and Wednesday, for 48 hours, my first three ebooks of The Pria Chronicles will be free again. Don’t miss out this time. It’s a $9 savings. Did you know that you can download the […]

First Three FREE!

Today and tomorrow, first three ebooks of The Pria Chronicles are FREE! Author Page American Amazon for Echoes Canadian Amazon for Echoes