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“Shannon Rieger has a unique sense of humor when it comes to writing thriller fiction that can maybe rival H. P. Lovecraft or Alfred Hitchcock and would love to see this novel as a movie. As talented as Ms. Rieger is she does throw her audience for a curve because, once again, this isn’t a normal scary thriller novel. Read with all the lights on and make sure you have someone with you in case you get scared! This has been one of the best “scary” novels I have read besides Lovecraft and Hitchcock.”

“This is a fast paced suspense thriller that will appeal to young adults as well as older readers. Ms. Rieger brings this book to life with interesting characters a wonderful storyline. This book had me hooked from the first place to the last.”

“The emotions run from terrifying to mad to sad with a sprinkling of love and romance inbetween. This is the first book I have read by this author and she surely didn’t disappoint. For those of you that love paranormal this book is for you!”

““LISTEN” CAREFULLY DEAR READER: I understand that “young adults” are the demographic for this story so you can think of me as a favored aunt giving you advice. When in a “horror movie type setting” Do NOT go down to the basement when you hear a noise, don’t go INTO the building when you think you saw something in there and DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE WHEN YOU ARE ALONE!!! Most of all (and pay close attention because this is important) IF THE CAT YOU JUST “ADOPTED” THINKS IT SEES SOMETHING, RUN OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! But do not come to my house, because “I never answer my door. Anyone important would have already texted that they were coming” That tip was courtesy of Christian Moore. I suppose I should tell you something about the book in this review, right?

Paranormal Painless had me on the edge of my seat from the very first sentence. Christian Moore led an ordinary life and didn’t think anyone could have convinced him that “a cat could teach (him) that because you can’t see something that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it to exist”.
I read this book all in one sitting because I knew if I put it down, the pages might disappear while I was sleeping. Paranormal Painless gave me chills, made me look at my own cat with suspicion and kind of freak out a little bit every time I heard a noise. UNTIL I settled in and truly began to enjoy this tale. “Be brave, you’ve already been through the hard part. Now let me help you finish it.” (Ok full disclosure, as I’m writing this review I just heard a weird noise and my heart jumped into my throat… oh dear why is the cat pacing???).

Please read this book – You will really enjoy it. Wait, what’s that…???”


“This book was absolutely riveting from the beginning right until the end. It was truly frightening, eerie and surprisingly heartwarming in parts. The personalities in this book are great and it is easy to identify with the characters and how they respond to what is happening. It was so gripping and had my heart pounding from my chest so many times. The suspense writing in this book is phenomenal and has me wanting to read more from this author.

Like books written by the masters in this area, this one is perfectly crafted. Not over done and outlandish, but just enough terror and action to make you believe that this is actually possible and is actually happening. All with heartwarming, heartbreaking and totally human moments brought into the mix with ends up making a horror story and its characters actually endearing. There are surprises and twists along the way that bring out gasps and goosebumps too.

The pace of this book is great, no lulls or boring moments. Certainly no time to try and figure out what is coming next which I loved. An utterly gripping read that i will certainly read again and will most definitely be searching out more from Shannon Rieger and recommending her name and work.”


“Wowww. This book is worthy of every single star…I adored this book. I hope this isn’t Rieger’s first or last book and I’m on the hunt to find out. Incredibly fantastic characters that I adore and want to crawl into the book to be with. The plot was imaginative and well done, not an easy feat. The best part was her writing, it’s easy to get lost in a paranormal novel. It’s easy to go with gimmicks and tricks but she pulled it all the way through with perfect visions of the scenes. A high testament to her writing ability. The suspense scenes feature some of her very best writing in this book, heart pounding but not to the point where it’s painful and you wish the author would just pull the trigger already.

Please say there’s more!!”

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