Paranormal Painless is FREE

This Wednesday, May 31st, Paranormal Painless is free for the first time. If you’ve been on the fence about downloading, this is your chance to read a paranormal thriller that has no blood and gore, no gruesome details and nothing that will traumatize you.  I have even been told that the ghosts in the story are rather endearing and that you even feel badly for the bad guy.  It has funny parts, amazing character development and an ending that you cannot predict.  I dare you to try!  The relationships are real.  A little romance too!  You cannot lose.  Download this Wednesday and give it a try. I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this never-been-done plotline.


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Bewildered by an unexpected, peculiar package and disturbed by its accompanying antagonistic spirits, English

teacher Christian Moore is shaken from his carefully crafted, cocooned existence and catapulted into the shocking reality of an unpredictable, haunted and sometimes evil world.

With his own safety and sanity at stake, he must learn to embrace the paranormal when he is confronted by the serial killer of innocent children. To survive, Christian forms unlikely alliances with once feared intruders from the supernatural realm, as well as, a mysterious man with unique insight and abilities.  Just when he thinks he has solved the mystery of his chilling visions, he is propelled into a tomb of water where he is forced to unravel the heartbreaking history buried for years within the confines of those same walls.

While helping the unfortunate, trapped souls, he is compelled to examine his own traumatic past and to risk everything he knows for a life truly worth living.

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