Since Amazon corrected the strange interior error with Paranormal Painless already (took only 6 hours) and has sent an email to each person who had downloaded the book, I’m extending the free promotion one more day. If you missed the first chance for a free ebook, go ahead and download today.
For those who downloaded yesterday, you need to update your ebook immediately by clicking the link in the email Amazon has sent you this morning. It takes a few seconds. When you are done, you will have the correct book and it’ll be waiting patiently on your device when you are ready to read it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I promise the book is worth the click. 😚  Understand that it’s not just a formatting error.  It was the wrong book entirely.  Apparently, it was book seven of my series.  Maybe it will encourage people to go try that series too!  LOL!  All publicity is good right?  ah, not really.

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