Work In Progress

Cats Rule!: Henry’s Purr-spective


“The book is litter-ally the best comedic tail!” -Kitty Post
“It’s a Claw-some read.” – New York Kitty Times
“I’m Paw-sitive you will love it!”- Library Kitty Journal
“‘Paws’-itively one the cutest tails.” – Catterific Tribune
‘Con-cat-ulations, Henry! The book is a riot!” – Catago Sun
“Meow-velous!” -Cat Observer
“This mewment only comes once in a lifetime!” -Chatham Kitty News



Michael: Henry…these are all fake magazines and newspapers. It’s appalling.

Henry: It’s not a-paw-ling. It’s hiss-terical.

Michael: No, it’s lying. Just outline a reason why a reader would want to buy your book but stick to the facts.

Henry: I am awesome!  This is why you need this book, Reader!

Michael: You can’t just tell the reader how wonderful a cat you are and expect them to buy the book. You need to persuade them

Henry: Don’t you mean purr-suade? Well, I am not just a cat. I won’t admit to that!  I’m a watcher, a protector, a vile creature detector. I. Am. Henry. A standing ovation, purr-ease, for my extraordinary performance of my particularly high acclaim.

Michael: Wow, you are so dramatic. I agreed to help you write your book, but it doesn’t mean that I want to listen to you drone on and on about yourself.

Henry: Well, can you do better, Michael?

Michael: Let’s see.  How’s this: Don’t Pro-cat-stinate.  Scoop up the story and let it whisker you away!

Henry: That’s a cat-astrophe.

Michael: I thought it was clever.

Henry: Don’t you mean Claw-ver.

Michael: Oh, sheesh. Don’t worry, reader.  I won’t let him write entirely in cat puns, even if he threatens to pee in my shoe.

Henry: Ooo, I should totally incorporate cat puns! That would be paw-some! Great idea, Michael. Paw-five!