Timeless -Book Seven

The Pria Chronicles, Book Seven: Timeless


After the defeat of Sylph, it is a new beginning in Ashlintopia.  Everything should be marvelous and safe once more.  And it was… for a time; until they learn Gracie was using her power of invisibility to slip away in the dark of night to play with Cecelia, a secret playmate.  Greyson must travel into an unknown world to unravel an electrifying stranger’s life-altering secrets.  The literary agent’s involvement and motives are questioned. A covert plan is hatched and a group is assembled to make the perilous journey to find Kritch’s lair and the Gibbering Spell Book.   Avery makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect Gracie and in the process learns that it’s not all that wonderful being a Pria.  And, of course, Henry, forever true to his nature, refuses to be left out of this story.

Cover Art By: Drop Dead Designs

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